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Sonya Catterfeld

Sonya began her journey into what has turned out to be a passionate vocation as a Health Coach and Educator after battling a serious decline in health. After almost 3 years of seeking answers from the medical community for a series of seemingly unexplainable symptoms ranging from nerve damage, muscle pain, to food and chemical sensitivities, and getting no clear answers, Sonya was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

Unfortunately, the medical community offered a band-aid approach focusing mainly on symptoms while providing little guidance in restoring health. With focus on rebuilding her health, she began an unrelenting quest to turn her health around by seeking out modalities and testing that would restore the body’s innate ability to heal.

Today, Sonya savors her return to vibrant health and coaches others in ways to do the same. Considering she spent nearly a decade immersed in Pharmaceutical Research, publishing studies, as well as Sales and Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry, she now passionately educates people in ways to identify the root cause of symptoms, and uses natural means to stimulate healing.

A primary goal is helping people understand that there is no such thing as a “normal symptom”. Symptoms are merely the body’s way of telling us that it needs attention and it has lost function somewhere. An ironic shift in understanding that evolved from her illness was that drugs would merely allow the underlying malfunction and degenerative processes to continue, undermining the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Sonya has also found a way to incorporate her study of the brain and emotions into her approach. Since receiving her degree in Psychology from Alma College, her desire to understand the connection between the brain and body continues. Observing the amazing changes in health that transpired, Sonya ultimately developed a unique system that seeks to release the negative programming in the subconscious mind, thus further impacting the body’s potential to heal and restore. This aspect was one of three pivotal components used to initiate her own body’s ability to heal from the Lyme Disease.

Other key trainings include Certification in Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor (CMTA), as well as Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN). These science-based methods provide the key foundation for assessing the root cause of virtually any health condition with regard to mal-function and were pivotal in her healing.

While Sonya does not diagnose or treat medical conditions, she can identify malfunction and imbalance in key areas, such as detoxification, assimilation, digestion, elimination, hormones, immune system, diet, even if the person has previously been diagnosed with a disease. This foundation provides a systematic approach with which to identify the very aspects of function that may be blocking the body’s ability to heal. It is a whole body approach that is individualized for each client. Unfortunately, most approaches do not use a systematic approach that methodically digs for the root cause in a logical fashion, making sure that as many aspects can be identified and corrected.

If you fail to recognize that every aspect of the body works together and only single out one part, very little ends up being accomplished. Sonya learned this first hand as she sought to restore her own health. Virtually all practitioners specialize in one aspect of health and fail to use a system to identify the imbalances, thus miss the root cause.

FDN and Metabolic Typing offer an amazing way to address and weed out what the priorities are in restoring health. It’s not about throwing a bunch of supplements and treatments at the body hoping something will stick, it’s about very specifically identifying what needs to be addressed so that a targeted healing plan can be created.

“Until I found these methods, there wasn’t a coherent plan in place to help my body heal, it was more of a guessing game. Metabolic Typing and FDN allowed the specific malfunctions to be identified and tracked to an endpoint that showed function had been restored, which was obvious, because my health was restoring also. I could actually see in black and white that my body had healed.”

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