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I had been diagnosed with Lyme Disease before I discovered the work Sonya does. I could not hear out of my left ear, my visual field was altered, I couldn’t keep up in my sports without stopping all the time…my energy was so low. The muscles in my fingers and wrists felt like they were becoming tighter and tighter, so I constantly was having to stretch them to control the discomfort. My fingers were beginning to go numb and I had a terrible time buttoning my pants or squeezing the toothpaste. I was experiencing all kinds of reactions to food and smells. I was falling asleep at the breakfast table. The fatigue was just awful. After receiving biweekly JMT treatments from Sonya for several months, my symptoms disappeared. I have my life back. MJ, Flushing, MI
I powerwashed a patio that had a lot of mold and mildew and two days later I felt like I had a chest cold. After two weeks nothing seemed to change, my lungs were getting tight making it hard to breathe. I believe that either the mold or mildew spores got into my lungs from the powerwashing mist and that I wasn’t getting any better. After JMT testing and the use of herbs, my lungs totally cleared. I believe the route that AHI took me built up the health of my body and completely restored my lungs without the use of drugs. Thank you!

Flushing, MI

Shingles healed from start to finish in 12 days. That’s amazing! The little blisters started to dry up 24 hours after JMT treatment and the herbs to support my immune system. Sonya gave me essential oils that virtually eliminated all the pain. I don’t even know anyone that had shingles that wasn’t eight weeks getting rid of them with lots of pain. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible.

Saginaw, MI

I had intense sugar cravings and was so fatigued that I had to nap everyday. What I came to learn by working with Sonya was how powerful food is in our lives and by changing what I ate I could stop the cravings and gain more energy. Eating for my nutritional type was the tool I needed to help me gain control over my life.

Brenda P.
Flushing, MI

My youngest daughter had allergies that caused a runny nose twenty-four hours a day for several weeks 3-4 times each year. The doctors prescribed several medications but none of them were effective. After just two visits with Sonya my daughter’s allergies were gone. She has been allergy-free for two years.

Brenda P.
Flushing, MI

When I started working with Sonya a year ago, I was tired all of the time, addicted to sugar and had gained a lot of weight in the previous 2 years. These were some of the symptoms of thyroid, adrenal, and intestinal issues. I was very toxic as well. I was determined that 2010 was going to be my year to get healthy. Sonya has so much passion for what she does. She had so much patience with my unending questions and doubts. There were times I just wanted to give up, but she kept me going. It has been well worth it. I now am no longer addicted to sugar, and I have energy to get through the day. I have learned so much from Sonya about how to be healthy. I think what was important for me and helped me so much was Sonya encouraging me to do what I could and not let it overwhelm me. I am so grateful to her for her knowledge and sharing that knowledge with those who need it. My experience with Sonya has been life-changing.

Diane H.
McKinney, TX

When I started with Sonya, I had joint pain that was really starting to concern me. After running tests, we found that I was allergic to wheat, among other foods that I had no idea I was reacting to, and that I had a raging imbalance in my intestinal tract. I began to address the root cause and within a month, my pain had disappeared and my energy has improved greatly.

Sheri M. RN
Burton, MI

Sonya Catterfeld has very effectively utilized her knowledge and skills to supply me with the guidance and support needed to overcome years of emotional turmoil, fear and anxiety that ultimately took a toll on my health.

Sonya has a deep understanding of the effects the subconscious mind has on “complete healing” Especially the connection to long-standing chronic illness, such as mine.

Her applied techniques have shown me how to release long held negative emotions, negative and misconceived thought patterns, as well as beliefs formed in childhood that have caused blockages to my recovery.

Sonya has given me a new understanding and has been a light at the end of a very dark tunnel, and given me answers when traditional methods and medicine had no explanation.

Trudy S.
Flushing, MI

I had severe eczema for several years. I went to doctors and no creams or steroid treatments would cure or sooth it. I heard about Sonya and her work. Within 5 treatments my eczma was all gone and has not returned. I have been eczma free now for 4 years. I have since referred many friends and family to her and have taking my own children to her.

Jessie S.

Sonya came into my life shortly after I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. At that point my doctor wanted to put me through harsh radioactive iodine treatments and my endocrinologist wanted to “wait and see” since in her opinion I was bad but not “bad enough” to take such a drastic measure. I felt horrible. I had migraines almost every day, was down to 90lbs and was having heart palpitations. I couldn’t imagine just waiting to see if I got worse before taking action. Sonya came into my life completely by chance and I decided that I didn’t have anything to lose. Thank God!! After just two treatments with Sonya my doctor confirmed that my thyroid levels were back in the normal range and I WAS PREGNANT (something that is near impossible with Graves Disease). Since then I now have two boys (ages 2 and 9 months) and they both have seen Sonya a few times for things like eczema and constipation. Sonya has never failed me or my family. She even told me the exact day that I would go into labor with my second child! She is an amazing woman with an amazing gift and ability to help people when they are at their worst.

Jessica D
Davison, MI

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