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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Sleep and Your Immune System
    Sleep plays an important role in your overall health, and not getting enough of it can negatively affect your immune system. How much sleep do you actually need? Should you nap during the day? How long of a nap is healthy? All these questions will be answered in this video, so go watch it now. ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – 8 Foods To Improve the Immune System
    Most of us are looking for ways to prevent colds, the flu, and numerous other viruses and infections. Thankfully, there are foods you can add to your daily diet to help keep your immune system strong. Watch this video now and learn 8 foods you can eat now that will boost your immune system. Click ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Are Cleaning Products Killing You?
    With a 16% to 20% increase in calls to poison control centers it appears that people are mixing their own concoctions trying to find the perfect cleaning solution to kill the virus. The problem is when you mix chemicals you get deadly fumes and chemicals and that means a call to the Poison Control Center. ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Increase Your Natural Healing Ability
    Did you know that there is a protein in the body that helps you fight off inflammation, helps your immune system and lower pain? The problem is, in some people the body produces too much of this protein and it has to be lowered. Watch this video now and learn what you can do to ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Diet and the Immune System
    Most of us when we think of inflammation we think of an injury or an accident and believe it or not food can cause an inflammatory reaction similar to an injury. Inflammation, regardless of whether it is from an injury or from the food you eat, is nothing more than a chemical reaction (production of ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Exercise and The Immune System
    Lowering the risk of viruses and disease is on the mind of people worldwide these days and exercise has long been known to improve your immune system. Single workouts have a positive influence on the immune system. Now watch this video and find out what regular exercise can do. Click the Red More Button in ...
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