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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Weekly Exercise Lowers Risk of Dementia
    Did you know, people with mild cognitive impairment have a 10X higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease than the general population? Frightening, but research shows exercise plays a role in slowing down that progression. Watch this video now and find out what kind of exercise and how often it needs to be done. Click the ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Meat Increases Risk for Type II Diabetes
    Most people think the saturated fat in meat causes all the health problems but that is not true. Yes, meat has saturated fat but the real health problems are caused by a number of other issues with meat. In today’s video we look at the relationship between meat and diabetes. Watch this video now and ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Alcohol – Negative Effect On Sleep
    Everyone thinks drinking alcohol helps you sleep better. Unfortunately, although it appears to start that way, consumption of alcohol has the opposite effect. The sedative effects of alcohol are very short lived especially once your blood alcohol levels drop to zero. Watch this video now because although you may think alcohol relaxes you, it may ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – High Blood Pressure Increases Risk Of Dementia
    Almost all risk factors for heart attacks are also risk factors for dementia. Since dementia and heart attacks share almost all of the same risk factors, it is no surprise they are both largely caused by an inflammatory lifestyle. Watch this video now and find out how to lower your risk for dementia and heart ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Benefits of Magnesium
    With magnesium being responsible for over 600 reactions in the body you need to know what they are and how to make sure you are getting enough magnesium. Watch this video now and find out how to get most of the magnesium you need from the food you eat. Click the Red More Button in ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Benefits of Vigorous Exercise
    Studies continue to support vigorous exercise is more effective in preventing weight gain, heart disease and diabetes, and promoting fitness and the ability to process oxygen. Learn why this is so important by watching this video. Click the Red More Button in your email or the image below if you are on our website. This ...
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