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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Can you get too much protein?
    It looks like too much protein in your diet will cause plaques that can potentially break-off, which is the leading cause of heart attacks. Although your body has an inborn mechanism to remove those plaques, a high protein diet shuts down that protective mechanism. Watch this video now to find out the alternatives to some ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Inflammation from Obesity Damages the Brain
    The largest brain imaging study of over 17,000 middle-aged participants found that the more excess weight a person has the more likely they can damage their brain. Watch this video now and find out the relationship between obesity and Alzheimer’s. Click the Red More Button in your email or the image below if you are ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – How many drinks a day is safe?
    Did you know that 1 gram of alcohol a day is enough to accelerate aging in your brain by 7 1/2 days? Now here’s the shocking part. One ounce of alcohol is equal to 29 grams. Are you sure you want that martini? Watch this video now and find out just how much alcohol a ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Eat More of the Good Carbs
    The most healthful carbohydrates are found in nature, yet most people eat refined carbs. Do you know which are the most healthful carbs? More importantly do you know the 5 ways good carbs improve your health? Watch this video now and learn which are the good carbs and which ones you have to stay away ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – The Importance of Vitamin B12
    Vitamin B12 deficiency impacts 6% of the population under 60 and 20% over 60. Lack of Vitamin B12 can contribute to permanent nerve damage including damage to your brain so it should be taken seriously. Watch this video now to learn the symptoms of B12 deficiency and which foods are the best sources plus what ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Eating at Night is Unhealthful
    What time do you usually have dinner? 7:00 PM? 8:00 PM? Later than 8? Do you know that the later you have dinner the greater the likelihood you are going to have a weight problem? So what is the best time to have dinner and what time of day should you have your biggest meal? ...
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