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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Earthing: The Benefits of Earth’s Natural Energy
    Research is now showing that walking barefoot on grass, sand, dirt or rock helps alleviate chronic pain, fatigue, and other ailments. This connection with Earth’s natural energy is referred to as Earthing or Grounding. Have you ever heard of Earthing? Watch this video now because Earthling has amazing health benefits that you may not fully ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Is Coconut Oil Healthy?
    Coconut oil has been sold as a healthy fat, citing studies of people in societies, with little to no heart disease, that eat a lot of coconut oil. Is this true? What does the research say? What about the saturated fat in coconut oil? Watch this video now — what you will learn may surprise ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Did you know there is a way to exercise your heart?
    Over 25% of North Americans over the age of 65 suffer from severe loss of skeletal muscle (sarcopenia), which significantly limits their daily activity. Inactivity causes loss of skeletal muscles leading to loss of heart muscle. When your heart becomes to weak to pump blood to your brain, you die. So how do you avoid ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Should You Wear a Mask When Exercising?
    Did you know, viruses were shown to pass through cloth masks 97% of the time, compared to the special medical masks at only 44% of the time. High levels of viruses in the air have been shown to accumulate indoors in closed spaces, while at a much lower level outdoors due to air circulation. Watch ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Did you know why excess fat can cause diabetes?
    70% of all North Americans will be diagnosed as diabetic or pre-diabetic. Do you know the signs? Do you carry weight in your belly? Weight in the belly is a good sign that you have fat in the liver and fat in the liver does cause diabetes. Watch this video now, learn why and what ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – A Healthy Lifestyle To Prevent Cancer
    We all keep hoping that one day they will find the cure for cancer, but the truth is the best cure is prevention. So how do you prevent cancer? You do it with lifestyle. Watch this video now and learn exactly what lifestyle changes you need to make so that you lower your risk of ...
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