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  • Health Coach Flint MI – The Importance of Vitamin B12
    Vitamin B12 deficiency impacts 6% of the population under 60 and 20% over 60. Lack of Vitamin B12 can contribute to permanent nerve damage including damage to your brain so it should be taken seriously. Watch this video now to learn the symptoms of B12 deficiency and which foods are the best sources plus what ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Eating at Night is Unhealthful
    What time do you usually have dinner? 7:00 PM? 8:00 PM? Later than 8? Do you know that the later you have dinner the greater the likelihood you are going to have a weight problem? So what is the best time to have dinner and what time of day should you have your biggest meal? ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Is Tofu for You?
    You might have heard that soy products like tofu are not good for you. Certainly the topic is very controversial. However, if you look at the research on tofu you might decide to pay less attention to the controversy and add it to your diet. Watch this video now and find out what Harvard Medical ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – What to Eat for Stroke Prevention
    Strokes are one of the leading causes of death and disability in the world. The list of causes of stroke are too many to list here including nothing at all. That’s right, you can have a stroke doing nothing at all. Don’t be a victim, watch this video now and find out how to substantially ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – High Blood Sugar Increases Heart Attack Risk
    For over 70 years doctors have told patients to avoid fat because of cholesterol. Unfortunately, when most people avoid fat they substitute with sugar and sugar containing foods and drinks. High blood sugar being a genetic component of cholesterol means these people have not lowered their risk of heart disease and maybe just the opposite. ...
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  • Health Coach Flint MI – Lifestyle more important than your genes?
    Epigenetics are showing lifestyle factors can override any limitations of your genes when it comes to your health. The belief that you can only be as healthy as the genes you were born with has been proven not to be true. But, what is a healthy lifestyle, and how hard is it to attain? Watch ...
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